Napoleon De Bens - Game On!

For months Tom had been scheming about how & when to pop the question. Finally, when Nat went on a trip to Puerto Rico, Tom drove 4 hours to her parents house in Plant City, FL to ask for their blessing (which they happily gave!). When Nat returned, Tom made the decision to propose before his parents came to visit, during which time his parents would meet Natalia's folks for the first time.

On August 7th, a beautiful Tuesday morning, Tom and Nat went for a walk on the beach. Little did Natalia know, Tom was frantically texting his good friend Paul who was setting up a romantic post-proposal picnic on the beach. Finally, Paul texted "the eagle has landed" and the couple stepped onto the beach at South Pointe Park, the tip of South Beach.

Natalia was immediately distracted by a bodybuilder in the water in the midst of a photo shoot (South Beach is really weird) - but when she turned around, Tom was down on one knee pouring out his heart and asked her to marry him! She said yes (obviously) and they spent the morning celebrating on the beach with a bottle of champagne and a beautiful Miami sunrise.